Past event: This Ability launch

Are you prepared to embrace disability to access the vast amount of ability that is too often left untapped?

This Ability has been developed to support Humber businesses to become Disability Confident and access the many skills disabled people have to offer.

“There is so much resource and support available for the individual when it comes to employability, with projects such as Talent Match and the Youth Employment Initiative. However, this is not productive when businesses fail to tap into this ever growing talent pool of young people. Initiatives such as This Ability are vital in facilitating a cultural change businesses need to embrace disability to get the best out of everyone in the workplace to benefit both the employer and the individual. This Ability has been introduced to help employers do just that by placing an emphasis on supporting local business.”

—Alan Johnson MP

We’re really excited to announce that Norris and Parker will be opening our This Ability event!

If you missed them at Humber Business week here’s your chance to see them again!

This year Channel 4 launched their 360° Diversity Charter, on 7th October at This Ability they will discuss the incredibly beneficial impact this has had on the Channel.

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