PADD is one of MOBY’s most important resources and can support employers by:

  • Providing bespoke advice and guidance that’s suits the business
  • Providing support to make an organisation’s processes and guidance materials accessible
  • Delivering disability employment training directly in the workplace
  • Providing marketing materials, leaflets and information
  • Supporting employers to make recruitment process accessible
  • Assessing the buildings accessibility
  • Carrying out research by interviewing employers and employees, thereby promoting good practice

PADD have supported many employers of varying sizes to make their recruitment and training processes more accessible. They have given guidance on how to remove jargon from job adverts; make application forms more accessible and user friendly; create a comfortable interview environment; make accessible training and policy/procedure documents and conduct effective working interviews.

We are currently working on a new, bespoke disability awareness training package for employers as part of MOBY and we continue to support This-Ability and promote the PADD message

Becoming a PADD volunteer is a great way to get involved and make a positive difference.

All of our volunteers agree that PADD gives them the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. They have grown in confidence and learned lots of new skills which can be transferred into the workplace.

Here are Some of their favourite things in their own words:

Scott – “we all have a voice” and “the opportunities for you event stands out for me because we got to mix with other projects and people and it was the first time we got to see an idea of ours go live with the spinning wheel game we had that day”.

Jemma – “I like to help other people get jobs and share my story” and “my favourite is organising events and joining in activities”.

Conor – “I like the feeling of contributing to the community” and “so far my favourite thing to have done with PADD would be preparing and contributing to presentations. I feel this is the most effective way of promoting the group to people through talking about my experiences”.

Ceri – “my favourite thing among many other things is doing the flashmob at the Bonus Arena and doing the acceptance speech at KCOM Stadium“.

Adam – “I like that PADD has grown so much over the years from a little small group to one that has so much influence in how things are, and seeing us all grow” and “we have done all sorts from presentations to visiting the big people in London to the residential. It’s such an amazing experience doing all this and helping the community and people like us to find
it easier to get jobs”.

Katie - “going to events helping people doing activities” and “sharing my story, I was one of the first PADD members to get a job and left and now have a new one”.

If you would like to know more about becoming a PADD volunteer, please contact Dawn at: