Information, Advice and Guidance

Before you enrol on the This-Ability programme you will have a meeting with our IAG (Information, Advice and Guidance) mentor. They will talk to you about what skills and experience you have already and what you want to do. This is to help you decide if the programme is right for you.

If you are not eligible or the programme isn’t right for you we will do our best to signpost you to other suitable programmes either with Humber Learning Consortium or elsewhere.

You can have another person come with you to support you in your IAG Session such as a parent, carer or keyworker.

What do I need to bring?

If you are eligible and suitable for the programme, we will need to see some evidence of your identity in order to complete your enrolment.

  • Proof of age - such as a birth certificate, driving licence or passport
  • Proof of your right to live and work in the UK - such as a birth certificate, passport or residency permit
  • Proof of address - such as letter from the job centre, utility bill or bank statement
  • Proof of your employment status - such as a benefits letter. If you are not claiming any benefits please talk to us about other evidence that you might be able to provide. We will keep a copy of your proof of employment status.

Your Privacy

Before we take any personal information from you, your IAG mentor will go thorugh HLC’s Participant Privacy Statement with you. This explains what information we will need, what we do with it and your rights. You will be asked to sign a statement confirming that you have read and understood the information you have been given.


Before you begin your 10 week Core Capabilities course, you will be invited to attend an induction day where you can meet the other learners that will be on the course with you and the This-Ability staff team.