Dean: A success story


How long have you worked for Care4all?

“About 4 years, I think.”

What is your role in Care4all?

“I’m a Catering Assistant. I do some of the prep work, like for the salads and make the drinks at Café Vintage, Strand Court. I also set up and clear away tables for the residents who live here.”

Do you enjoy your job?

“Definitely – working with my colleagues is the best bit, and chatting to the residents. Everyone’s really friendly. It’s a friendly atmosphere.”

Why did you join Care4all? What made you apply to work for us?

“I applied for a lot of jobs but was constantly getting rejected. My mum heard about Care4all and the work we do with people with disabilities, and so I got in touch to see what was on offer. That’s when I was interviewed for this job. I’ve been loving it ever since.”

If you don’t mind us asking, what does this wage mean to you? What does it go towards?

“I save a lot of it—I don’t squander it. When I spend it, it normally goes towards new clothes, like socks or work shoes, and I like going to the Grimsby Town matches every now and again, or on a night out with friends sometimes. I now have my own flat and live independently and my job helps with that.

For me, it’s not just the money that makes it good; it’s the responsibility of having the job to do. I get up early in the morning and I’ve got a job to go and do.”

“Dean is a very valued member of the Café Vintage staff team and he is a joy to work with, he always has a smile on his face, which the residents love to see. Dean takes his job very seriously and is always checking to see if his standard of work is good enough, which it always is. Care4all supports many other disabled people, all with stories like Dean and we want to continue and develop more roles to help many others in the same way.” Patrick Kireja, Assistant Chef Manager at Café Vintage

“Care4all is a local charity that provides real employment opportunities for people with disabilities. We provide a range of different jobs roles, depending upon the person’s needs. Every single role, no matter how many hours, gives them confidence, an opportunity for social inclusion, a sense of wellbeing and many a reason to get up in the morning. Having a job gives people their independence and improves self-esteem, by being able to contribute to society.” Karen Tait, Business Support Manager