Jack: A success story


Before joining the This-Ability project, Jack had not done much for a while and wasn’t sure what to do with himself. He had been on other training courses before but was struggling to find work and didn’t have much confidence. He never really knew what to do in terms of a career and did not know what professional skills he had.

Jack started with This-Ability and engaged in sessions to explore the local labour market as well as other core capabilities (stage one).
He met with Rob from Goodwin and chose to complete stage two of his programme with them, to focus on the creative industries and gain experience in the sector he wanted to work in. Whilst on programme he worked on his employability skills, particularly interview skills which he was worried about. He worked on planning and running various public events including, festivals, variety shows, retail stalls and more.
He gained skills and experience which really helped him to get into work. He completed his first job application, updated his CV with the experience and training he had gained on programme and attended his first ever interview.
This-Ability had made Jack a lot more confident and helped him recognise just how capable he is.

Talking about his progress, Jack said: “I’ve made a lot more friends and I’m definitely not as nervous as I was about meeting new people. I also got my first job which I have just started, as an Events Assistant at Hull Bonus Arena! “I’m hoping to learn to drive, which I can now save up for. I’m now focusing on my work and potentially moving up within events management.”