Pippa: A success story


Following a successful informal interview and work trial, Pippa began an eight week work experience placement at the holiday park working in the Reception/Customer Service area and also the Spar supermarket on the site. Prior to Pippa’s appointment, the teams who would be working with her were given Down’s syndrome awareness training. This included how they could make adjustments to tasks in order to give Pippa the information that she would need to do the job in a way that would suit her learning profile.

Feedback from the training was very positive with comments like,

“We are looking forward to working with Pippa who has Down’s Syndrome, so that we can share our knowledge and experience.”

One of the other comments was:

“We have a better understanding of how important it is to be clear about the task and to take the time to listen and understand our new colleague.”

This illustrated that the teams had taken on board the variety of ways that they could provide a valuable contribution to ensure that this was a positive and rewarding experience for everyone.

Kelly Newland, Customer Experience Manager says,

“Pippa is doing brilliantly; she mixes with the team well and was very adaptable to the different tasks. The team miss her on the days she isn’t here!!”

Pippa says,

“On Mondays, I work in reception and do lots of tasks such as sorting out and storing keys and typing out tenants information. Everyone is kind and helpful, they have made me part of the team”

Pippa is receiving fantastic support from colleagues at Blue Dolphin who are enthusiastic and committed to supporting her. Colleagues are working with her to introduce new tasks and responsibilities at her pace using a range of aids to support her. Feedback from the team has been extremely positive, in particular around the way that Pippa has adapted to a busy customer service area and she is proving to be a huge asset.

Pippa also says,

“On Thursdays, I work at the Spar Supermarket doing lots of jobs such as putting doughnuts in packets and labelling them. Putting fillings in baguettes and wrapping them. I then put the food out neatly in the shop. I also label other packs of food.

I serve customers and help Karen to put the stock out on shelves.

David is in charge and Wendy and Maureen help me. Everyone is very nice and I enjoy it”.

Supermarket Manager, David Jones says:

“Pippa has settled in well and spends the morning in the bakery bagging, labelling & displaying products for sale. She’s picked this up really well and after lunch Pippa serves customers and is more confident on the tills. Other jobs include stocking up the shelves & keeping the sales area tidy. Everyone in the team looks forward to working with Pippa on Thursdays.”