Stage 1

Stage 1

The This-Ability programme is built around acheivement of our Employability Passport.

Stage 1 is where you will start your journey with the This-Ability project. You will attend a 10-week course where you will get involved in various activities that will enable you to build up the core skills you need before going into work. We call these the Core Capabilities and they form the first half of the EMployability Passport.

What are the 6 Core Capabilities?

  • Openness - as we believe being open about your disability is positive and a great way to educate employers about disabilities and reasonable adjustments.
  • Motivation - we believe that motivation is key when trying to achieve your goals to gain paid employment in the area you have chosen to work in.
  • Awareness of the Labour Market - To support you to know the various job sectors and job roles in your local area.
  • Resilience - enables you to deal with knock backs and helps to develop problem solving skills that you can use in the workplace.
  • Self-esteem - we believe that developing your self-esteem will help you to trust your thinking and judgement.
  • Reliability - as we believe a reliable person is trustworthy dependable.

This part of the programme is clasroom based, but may include

  • outdoor team building
  • problem solving activities
  • employer visits
  • sector specific

We will always make sure we cater to the different needs of all our participants to make sure all activities are fully inclusive.

Lunch will be provided on the first day of the programme. You can bring packed lunch for the rest of the course, or there are shops within walking distance.

Throughout the 10 weeks you will work with your mentor to explore different job roles and employment sectors, and choose one of our partner organisations to go to for Stage 2 of the programme. Stage 2 develops sector specific employability skills, but you will not move on unless both you and your mentor feel you are ready.